Welcome to Thakur International School Cambridge, a space for unbridled growth and nurturing of young talent and genius. At Thakur International School, we give our learners the perfect intellectual, artistic and moral foundation.

A place where every student is encouraged to carry their own creative spark in a world vying for success, for there's one thing that a successful childhood definitely needs: Self-assured confidence.

Our prestigious culture and values predispose learners to have physical, mental and emotional well being. With a multitude of global facilities and infrastructure, we help our learners to become 'world-ready citizens'.

The wide-ranging and balanced educational programme provides results in an integrated outlook in its learners and binds their learning with the power of 21st-century technology and culture. The idea is to direct them towards behavioural adaptation resulting in highly influential personalities of tomorrow.

Thakur International School ensures that its learners go beyond 'regular' classroom experience and enjoy unlimited opportunities of envisioning and learning, thus shaping characters with substance, creativity and social responsibility. This nuanced process of skilfully fostering little geniuses is based on the fundamentals of Care, Cultivate & Celebrate.



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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an inspiring ambience for learners, where we manifest the components to build a harmonious world and reach the heights of excellence ingrained with ethical values.

Thakur International School's well laid out curriculum across pre-primary, primary and secondary school. With our premeditated programmes and passionate educators, TIS always endeavours to impact the learner's overall development.

TIS provides an apparatus where the learners have the leisure of doing things with less hurdle, conversely to the outmoded and cumbersome curriculum.

The school also offers a rich campus life with various forms of arts, theatre, music, sports and student clubs, a combination that's engaging academically, artistically, musically, and athletically. TIS Cambridge benefits its learners by taking them to regular excursions and trips add enjoyment and enrichment to their vibrant curious minds.

TIS pays close attention to nurture a deep sense of belonging and pride in our learners. We provide adept guidance to ensure that while they learn to value their own culture, they also learn to respect and acclimatize with other cultures.

At TIS, we are determined to devote ourselves to guide the learners in the right direction and creating the right mould to shape their impressionable personality. Through customarily appraising their interpersonal conduct, Thakur International School takes the learners through the most crucial jaunt of their life: Childhood.

Our Methodology

To nurture our learners with caring educators and interactive teaching methods. Students are attended to with excellent teacher-student ratio which makes for relaxed and engaging classroom learning. It also fosters trust between the educators and learners, making assimilation easy. The school's balanced programmes across pre-primary, primary and secondary section make education enjoyable and less stressful. The highly prolific educators and counsellors are always there for the learners, they pay attention to every little detail that affects them, problems during learning are handled with utmost care. The regular parent-teacher communication at school makes our processes more transparent. The result is an environment of enthusiasm and encouragement that fuels the imagination.

TIS Philosophy: Care. Cultivate. Celebrate.

Welcome to the birthplace of tomorrow’s leaders. Welcome to the harbinger of young minds committed towards transforming our future. Welcome to Thakur International School. Our core educational philosophy revolves around the three ingots: Care! Cultivate! Celebrate!

At Thakur International School, we aspire to care for our students. Our dedicated staff is entrusted with the task of nurturing their personalities through interactive teaching methods. The idea is to create a relaxed environment which enhances learning opportunities while strengthening the trust between educators and learners. The deep-rooted caring approach of the school also manifests in balanced programmes, regular parent-teacher communication, and an environment encouraging enthusiasm and imagination in students.

The well-defined curriculum cultivates positivity in students and guides them through their growing years. Be it excursions, art, theatre, music, sports or student clubs, our students experience a plethora of activities gaining confidence in every step they take. This also fosters in them a deep sense of belonging and pride. We ensure that, while students learn to value their culture, they also learn to respect and assimilate other cultures. Thus, TIS strives to embed in the minds of students a sense of self-discipline coupled with social responsibility.

TIS celebrates the individuality of every student and plays a pivotal role in shaping the character of the citizens of tomorrow. We pursue the development of the cognitive skills to help students realise their true potential and aspire to become model human beings who are not only ideal citizens but also smart and talented to carve a niche for themselves as leaders in the society.

Multi-faceted and equipped with a scientific demeanour, the students of TIS are motivated to win the world and make their distinctive mark.