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Cambridge Primary



TIS Cambridge offers an internationally benchmarked Primary School programme (5-11 years) which provides an excellent foundation for Secondary School education.

  1.   The Cambridge Primary lays emphasis on the core areas of English, Mathematics & Science.
  2.   Our syllabus has a spiral approach, building on previous learning to help advance students study.
  3.   Our curriculum reflects the latest thinking in each subject area which empower our learners to become independent & self- confident problem solvers.
  4.   Cambridge Primary Progression Tests (Stages 3-6) are designed to provide information about the progress being made & the strengths and weaknesses of learners.
  5.   We offer a balance of academics & extra curricular activities.
  6.   We do our best to cater for different learning styles & acknowledge that a balanced education is vital in order for each child to reach their full potential.