Cambridge Pre-Primary | Thakur International School Cambridge

Pre Primary


Sunbeam (Playgroup)

Like the first rays of sunbeam, our Playgroup seeks to bring warmth and cheer to a child’s surroundings. The Playgroup signifies the first steps of a toddler to learning about the world through Thakur Group of Education.

The Sun Beam Playgroup module at Thakur International School Cambridge is designed meticulously for kids in the age group of 2-3 year. Thakur International School Cambridge ensures that toddlers in this module get a warm and nurturing ambience that meets their needs and spurs them to become avid learners.The teaching material provides sensorial and practical life experiences and encourages the exploratory side in toddlers.

Wonder Years (Nursery, Prep I and Prep II)

Tomorrow's champions need to be honed today.

Early childhood education provides a stimulating play environment for physical, intellectual, linguistic, social and emotional development of the child. Thakur International School Cambridge aims to provide your little geniuses with the UK based, EYFS curriculum framework that focuses on various developmental areas of learning. The Pre-primary programme has integrated Montessori and Play way methods in its curriculum. These steps prepare them for primary school and focus on the holistic development of these little gems.

The subsequent Wonder Years module has students from Nursery, Prep1 and Prep 2. This programme implemented within ideal classrooms and ample resources and equipment to aid your child's foremost development. It provides opportunities for students to work in their areas of interests which helps them to make choices based on their natural desires and become more self-reliant. Both these modules follow the reliable Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) programme and Montessori methods.

The School's pre-primary programme aims to achieve overall development of the child. It provides children with personalised attention, student-centered lessons, and experiences beyond the classroom, such as engaging field trips, practical and sensorial activities.

  1.   Self-confidence, Self-care and Self-esteem.
  2.   Teamwork and Cooperation.
  3.   Behaviour and Self-control.
  4.   Sense of Community.
  5.   Language for Communication and Thinking.
  6.   Linking Sounds and Letters.
  7.   Reading and Writing.
  8.   Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy.
  9.   Counting and calculating.
  10.   Shape, Space and Measures.
  11.   Exploration and Investigation.
  12.   Physical Development.
  13.   Music and Movement.
  14.   Using Equipment and Materials.
  15.   Exploring Media and Materials.
  16.   Creating Music and Dance.
  17.   Developing Imagination and Imaginative Play.
  18.   Ipad - use of technology.